How to do an essay?

There are several factors that you should take into account when conducting an essay. If you follow each of the recommended steps, your ideas will not disappear and you will not waste time trying to remember, which will allow you to deliver your texts on time. Therefore, if you want to know more about the subject, stay here and discover the structure of the essays and how to write them correctly.

What is an essay?

A personal interpretation of any specific topic is known as an essay. It should be written in a formal and respectful tone. Likewise, it is essential that you narrate the information under your own judgment and that you express your opinions briefly and clearly.

The main objective of the essay is to convince and give the reader a pleasant reading, regardless of whether or not the individual knows the subject described. In this sense, it is recommended that you put simple and easy-to-understand ideas.

What is the structure of an essay?

Before starting with the elaboration of an essay it is convenient that you know its structure, which must have 3 mandatory parts.


Here, you must summarize the theme that you will develop throughout the text, as well as the hypothesis that supports and represents your opinion on each point made in the essay.

Try to use phrases that generate curiosity to the reader, in order to get interested and choose to know the subject. The introduction must occupy at least 10% of the information.


The development is the most extensive part of the essay, since it occupies 80% of the text. Here, you must express your opinions, reflections and ideas on the topic you are developing. In addition, you can support the information through referential and verbatim citations.

It is essential that all your arguments maintain a relationship with each other and are well cohesive, so that the reader can understand your point of view correctly.


The conclusion corresponds to the missing 10% of the content. In this a summary of the most important points is placed, those that need to be mentioned again.

In this way, you should emphasize any idea that serves so that the reader can finish reading your text and fully understand your position.

Steps to develop an essay

After knowing the structure of the essay, it is time to capture your ideas on each page. Therefore, below you will learn some tips that will allow you to present your text in a better way.

  1. Think and choose what the essay will be about: choosing an appropriate topic is the most important aspect of writing an essay. Try to capture relevant and current information, rely on the local media and write always keeping in mind the kind of audience you are addressing.
  2. Do your research and tackle several subtopics: get accurate and clear information, don’t make up or address false topics or use words where they shouldn’t be. It is recommended that you rely on books or Internet pages, as long as they have a reliable source.
  3. Read other essays that have similar topics: this will be very beneficial for the development of your text, since you will be able to know other styles, types and contents.
  4. Do not overdo the questions: remember that essays are not created to address all points regarding a topic, try to describe specific ideas that provide valuable information for the reader.
  5. Make a pleasant writing and use short sentences: one way to avoid that the public is bored is to write short sentences and easy to understand.
  6. Plasm own reflections: although, the conclusion must necessarily go, it is advisable that after this you place a paragraph that makes the reader reflect.

With these simple steps and with a little research, you will surely make an incredible essay, lean on a good topic and start writing your texts.